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Nutrifaster Juice Extractor – All the Ideal Blender-Juicer N450 Included

NUTRIFASTER N450 Commercial Juice Extractor

Nutrifaster Inc is a family owned & operated business that is committed to promoting healthy lifestyles by manufacturing juicers that provide fresh, pure and natural nutrition. The family has been manufacturing commercial juice extractors in the Seattle, Washington area since 1994, which includes supporting a variety of juicers that have been on the market for approximately 40 years.

Nutrifaster ® has constantly improved their line of products with health and safety features that meet or exceed industry standards. The Nutrifaster juicer is one of the top commercial juicers manufactured in the world today, meeting UL, NSF, CE and CSA standards.

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NUTRIFASTER N450® – Commercial Juice Extractor

The Nutrifaster juice extractor N450 juicer is a leader in the health and nutrition field. Capitalize on the health and nutrition revolution by serving fresh juice from Nutrifaster. You realize that fresh juice is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

The Nutrifaster N450 Commercial Juice extractor is engineered for heavy-duty commercial use. It is ideal for Juice Bars, Health Clubs, Spas, Restaurants, and Institutions—any place where fresh juice is in demand.

The powerful 1.25 HP motor and stainless steel juicing parts are engineered for years of reliable , high-volume juicing.

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Features of the Nutrifaster N450 Juicer:

  • Stainless Steel Juicing Parts
  • Extremely Quiet During Operation
  • Compact Countertop Design
  • Produces a glass of juice in seconds
  • Pulp Ejection Tube directs pulp below countertop
  • Safety Interlock switch installed for operator safety
  • 2 Cutter Plate Configurations that are interchangeable (Patented 16 blades or shredder)
  • Appropriate warning labels affixed to machine
  • Important Safeguards included in User’s Manual
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • Made in the USA by Nutrifaster, Inc.