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Best Led Light Bar Offroad Reviews 2016 – 2017

Best Led Light Bar Offroad

off road led light bar

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How to choose a LED Light Bar Offroad

These days there are so many other day products on the market it’s getting really hot to tell the quality ones from the cheap imitations.

Today show you a few easy ways to tell the good from the bad.

Rigid are one of the original LED lighting manufactures and have developed tested and manufactured in the USA to the finest quality.

So have you tell the difference in a market flooded with options?

First up is field quality. Before you buy any product you need to take a good look at the build quality, the manning system and IP ratings.

A good quality LED product will have a big heat sink to ensure adequate cooling, it will have a tough and adjustable manning system to suit many applications and it will have an IP rating greater than 65.

IP stands for ingress protection and is basically a rating of how susceptible a product is to water or dust getting inside, the higher the number the better the quality.

Number two is product range. Many LED manufacturers will only offer a one-size-fits-all product. Sure they may have a few different lengths but how many of the completely customizable lens options are designed to suit your needs? For example the rigid products come with the optional sport, flood, diffusion and drive patterns to suit your application.

Third is warranty and after sales support. Here is where so many manufactures fail. Most will only offer a basic 12 month warranty and will have any number of ways you can void that warranty. Some a simple as taking them out of the box. Rigid industry products have a three year replacement warranty so you know you covered no matter where you drive. Rigid industries has the largest range LED light bar accessories including rock covers, colored lens covers and roll bars mounting kits.

If you want to customize your lighting it’s hard to look past the Rigid range.

Last but not least is a complete package. Your new LED lighting product should include everything you need to get going. All Rigid LED products come with a complete plug-and-play wiring harness, with waterproof connections, illuminated dash switch and relay.

If you’re looking at anything less than this ask why. You wouldn’t buy shoes without shoe laces so why buy half of what you need to make it work. So before you head out to upgrade your LED light bars make sure the gear you’re looking to buy ticks all the boxes.

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