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Best Car Camera Recorder Review 2016 – 2017

Best Car Camera Recorder Review 2015 - 2016
Best Car Camera Recorder Review 2015 – 2016

Discover the best comparative Car Camera Recorder for 2016-2017. What is the best dash cam in 2017? What dashcam to choose? What car recorder camera to buy?

The best car camera recorder

What is the best Car Camera Recorder? There is not only one best model, but several. It all depends on your needs, your preferences and your budget.

The best value for money dashcam is the Taotronics CD05. Why this model? Compact and discreet, it is easy to install and use. The 1080p resolution is sufficient and it works very well. This camera comes with a 32GB SD card, which can record approximately 4 hours of video.

The best video quality car recorder camera is the DOD LS460W. It can take HD videos with great clarity and precision thanks to its Sony Exmor sensor and lens F / 1.6. WDR technology provides excellent night vision and better video quality than its competitors.

A dashcam requires a microSDcard which is sometimes sold separately. The microSDHC card SanDisk 4GB Class 6 is a very good choice for an onboard camera as a 4GB card is more than enough.

There are many car camera recorder models. Selecting an onboard camera depends on your preference in terms of use and budget. To help you choose, we have selected the best models. Our ranking is based on the video quality, reliability, usability and customer satisfaction. This is the result of hundreds of hours analyzing test scores and user reviews.

Top 5 Best Car Camera Recorders

1- Taotronics CD05: the best value for the money

TaoTronics Car Dashboard Camera HD 1080P Wide Angle with G-Sensor WDR Night Mode 2.7″ Screen

The Taotronics CD05 is the best money for the value dashcam. This wide angle HD camera provides a clear image of day and night through a resolution of1080P / 30fps and recording at wide angle of 150 degrees. It is positioned on the windscreen of the vehicle and does not annoy visibilityat all because it is very compact. It is also discreet and can be easily detached from the frame.

The Taotronics CD05 is easy to install and use. The settings are intuitive and takes only minutes. Then just set and turn the dashcam on. The camera begins recording when the vehicle is moving. It can even start automatically if it is plugged into the cigarette lighter. In an accident, the sequence being recorded is locked and cannot be erased.

The Taotronics CD05 has a small 2.7-inch LCD screen. It comes with a 32GB SD card. It can record up to 4 hours of video footage. On the other hand, this camera does not offer GPS or wireless connectivity or smartphone application, but it makes sense given its price. We can also regret the lack of parking mode.

2- DOD LS460W: the best video quality

DOD TECH LS460W Sony Exmor Powered Full HD Dash Camera Dashcam with WDR Technology & GPS Logging

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The DOD LS460W is the best car recorder camera when it comes to video quality. With Sony Exmor sensor and lens F / 1.6 and WDR technology for better night vision, this dashcam offers better video quality than its competitors. It allows making HD videos with great clarity and precision.

The LS460W offers GPS tracking, a 2.7-inch screen and supports 64GB SD cards. This car camera is protected by password. Only authorized users can change settings or video files.

The DOD LS460W offers unrivaled video quality especially at night but the resolution is only 1080p. Some dashcam offer higher resolutions like the Vicovation Marcus 4 for example.

3- Blackvue DR650GW-2CH: the best with front and rear camera

Blackvue new 2 channel dr650gw-2ch16gb with power magic pro, car black box/car dvr recorder, built-in wi-fi, full hd(1080p@30fps), up to 64gb support

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The Blackvue DR650GW-2CH is the best ca recorder camera with front and rear camera. With its cylindrical and elegant shape, this case is very discreet behind your windshield.

The Blackvue DR650GW-2CH is a high-end model that offers a lot of trendy features like GPS tracking and Wi-Fi to connect to your smartphone or computer. You can insert an SD card of 64 GB that will give you more than 10 hours of video recording. The DR650GW has no screen for privacy reasons. It features voice control functions for easy operation. You can also configure it via Wi-Fi using a smartphone or tablet.

The Blackvue DR650GW is one of the only model with a camera for the rear. This second camera can be mounted on the rear windshield and film the back of the road.

4- Vicovation Marcus 4: Best high resolution camera

VicovationVico-Marcus 4 UHDR XHD Camcorder

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The Vicovation Marcus 4 is the best high-resolution dashcam It allows you to record videos of slightly less quality than LS460W but at much higher resolutions 2304x1296p (4: 3) and 2560x1080p( 16: 9).

The Wide (16: 9) was found to be particularly useful for car recorder. It gives you also the possibility to shoot additional details to the left and right of the camera and it looks more like a film.

The Vicovation Marcus 4 has also recording function inparking mode and uses an internal capacitor instead of a battery for better heat resistance. It provides GPS tracking and is compatible with a standard CPL filter (Circular Polarizer). Unfortunately, this car camera is kind of bulky compact and not so discreet too.

5- G1W: the best low price car recorder

Spy Tec G1W Full HD 1080PH.264 Car DVR Camera Recorder Dashboard Cam | Black Box Video Recorder | 120° Wide Angle Lens | Authentic NT96650 + AR0330

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The G1W is the cheapest dash cam. If you want a cheap car camera recorder, and without too many features, the G1W records video with a resolution of 1080p.

The price of this dashcam is very affordable. It provides good picture quality, good stability and is relatively discreet. The video quality for day and night is acceptable but not the best. The G1W is a car recorder camera not too fancy for a small budget.

Why Buy a Car Recorder Camera?

A car camera recorder is a video drive recorder for vehicle featuring a wide-angle camera that captures high definition Full HD videos. A car on-board camera is fixed on the windshield and allows filming the road by car or truck.

It is a practical accessory for safety reasons. A dash cam helps you to collect reliable evidence in case of incidents on the road. It can prove your good faith in case of an accident. A car equipped with a camera has indeed an incident detection sensor (G-sensor), which automatically records the collisions and accidents on video. It’s even enough to report its presence at the time of an accident statement. This is a significant help in case of dispute.

A dash cam is easy to install and use. An car on-board camera continuously records your trips on a microSD or SD card. Then you can retrieve the videos on PC via USB or play videos on micro-SD with an SD adapter. Some models can also watch the videos directly on the TV using an HDMI port. Some dash cams may also include a smartphone wireless connectivity to allow live broadcast (streaming), upload and video sharing if needed, at any time. All you need is to install an application on your smartphone or software on your computer to view the videos.

A car camera recorder offers the following advantages:

  • Provides proof in case of accident
  • Monitors your vehicle in a parking lot
  • Records your itinerary and analyses your driving
  • Monitors a fleet of vehicles
  • Records your journey on scenic roads
  • Shares your videos

How to Choose a Car Recorder Camera?

By searching the internet for an onboard camera car, you will find all kinds. Cheap dashcams that cost less than $50 or last generation dashcams that can cost up to $300. How to choose the right onboard car camera?

To help you choose, we have selected the best models in our comparative on-board cameras mentioned above.

But here are some criteria that will help you choose your dashcam.

  1. Video quality in daytime or nighttime: this is the most important criterion to check when buying a car recorder. If image quality is not good, you might not be able to use your images in an accident. The picture quality varies enormously from one model to another. A high quality camera can record license plates and faces with clarity.
  2. Discretion: A good car recorder camera should be compact and discreet. It must not obstruct vision. Most models can slip behind the rearview mirror for more discretion.
  3. Angle of the lens: Most car cameras have wide-angle lenses. They can record a good section of the road. With a large angle of 140 degrees, you can see if something happens to the vehicle front or slightly to the side.
  4. Rear view camera: Some models like the Blackvue DR650GW also have a camera for the rear. This second camera can be mounted on the rear windshield and films the road behind.
  5. Localization by GPS: A GPS built-in camera records your route. You can know exactly where an accident occurred. A in-car video recorder with GPS, as the DOD LS460W, can also record your speed.

Which SD card to choose?

A car camera requires a microSD card, which is sometimes sold separately.

A microSDHC card SanDisk 4GB Class 6 is a very good choice for a dashcam. A 4GB card saves only 1 hour of driving but this may be more than enough when the purpose of a car camera is to record the minutes before an accident.

MicroSD cards used in dash cams have different speeds. A card of Class 2 has a minimum speed of 2 MB / s, Class 6 has a minimum of 6 MB / s, and a Class 10 10 MB / s. Car camera recorders are very sophisticated devices and generally do not need a faster card than a class 4 or 6. There is no reason to use a microSD faster because the dash cam records the same 30 frames per second at 1080p resolution either on a class 4 card or a class 10.

The microSD card must be formatted on the dashboard camera itself and not on your computer. This will allow the device to optimize the card. This formatting process is generally easy through the menu.

Should I Buy a Driving Recorder with a GPS?

Today a large number of on-board cameras for vehicle have an integrated GPS. A video drive recorder is more expensive with GPS than without. But this feature is not essential and it is not necessary to purchase a dashcam with GPS. The primary function of an onboard camera is to provide evidence in case of accidents. GPS localization is not necessarily useful in a collision with another vehicle.

The interest to have a dash cam with GPS is that it can record your speed, your location and the time you are there. Some dashcam with GPS warn of danger zones and indicate the speed limit. This is the case for example for the latest Garmin Dash Cam 35. This dashcam is equipped with a GPS sensor. It will indicate the date and location of all your records and show on screen hazardous areas. The camera is also equipped with a collision warning.

What is the Price of a Dash Cam?

Price wise, a car recorder camera can cost between $50 and $400. This large price difference is explained by the quality of the products and the features.
The best cheapest dashcam is the G1W which offers good value for money.

The best top of the line dash cam is the Blackvue DR650GW-2CH which costs between $350 to $400.

The dash cam HP F800G price varies between $140 and $190. This is the latest model from HP with a much better quality for the wide angle camera. This latest generation recorder also offers more features: lane departure warning system, front collision, speed limit warning, driver fatigue, speed acceleration / deceleration, headlight warning, front vehicle go and motion detection …

Dash Cam: comparative table

Here is a comparison of the best car recorder cameras.

This comparison concerns only the best models of dash cam. Only the most reliable and most current cameras (on the market in 2014 or 2015) were included in this comparison chart. The models are classified by price range with the best dashcam less than $200 or more than $200.

The comparison criteria correspond to the essential features of an embedded camera: resolution, daytime video quality, night video quality, reliability, GPS, accelerometer (G sensor), screen, lens angle, maximum memory for the SD card and Wifi.

Car Dashboard Cameras under $200 *

Dash CamG1WMini 0805DrivePro 200Garmin Dashcam 20
Video Quality - Day
Video Quality - Night
Screen2.7 "1.5 "2.4 "2.3 "
Viewing Angle140 °120 °160 °
Max SD Memory Card32 Gb128 Gb32 Gb32 Gb
PriceBuy the G1W at Buy the Mini 0805 at Buy the G1W at Buy the Garmin Dashcam 20 at
*price and ratings may change from time to time

Car Dashboard Cameras over $200 *

Dash CamDOD LS460WBlackvue DR500GWBlackvue DR650GWBlackvue DR750 LW
Resolution1080p1080p1080p front / 720p rear1080p front / 1080p rear
Video Quality - Day
Video Quality - Night
Screen2.7 "4 " Touchscreen
Viewing Angle140°156°129° / 129°146° / 129°
Max SD Memory Card64 Gb32 Gb64 Gb64 Gb
PriceBuy the DOD LS460W at Buy the Blackvue DR500GW at Buy the Blackvue DR650GW at Buy the Blackvue DR750 LW at

*price and ratings may change from time to time

What is the best car camera recorder?

For most motorists, the Taotronics CD05 is the on-board camera needed and is by far the highest rated model by users.

Taotronics CD05